Are you wanting to actually enjoy the Christmas season this year instead of the never-ending, disorganized stress in the middle of it and the financial regrets after – only wishing you were more on top of it so that you could actually enjoy and make those memories with your family and friends?

Well, this is an easy step to take so that you can do just that – eliminate the stress, be organized and actually stay in budget this year and FINALLY take the time to enjoy your family and friends, creating memories that last a lifetime and somehow “do it all” at the same time.

That’s what this tried and true comprehensive Christmas and Holiday planner download will assist you in accomplishing.

This planner is 17-detailed and comprehensive pages to help you be prepared in all of the major areas of the Christmas and Holiday season, to cover everything
What’s included in this planner?
There are two different themes or color schemes – both have the same content, just a different style – holiday with snowflakes and Christmas with ornaments.

You will get 17-pages (in either the Holiday or Christmas theme) with each of these providing a comprehensive plan in each category that not only includes the downloads, but it also includes many tips on how to utilize these downloads!
Sample page from Christmas Theme
Sample page from Holiday Theme
Each Planner Contains These Critical Worksheets
  •  Cover page
  •  Budgeting for each area and savings goal setting
  •  Immediate Family Member Gift Planning
  •  Extended Family Member Gift Planning
  •  Friends and Acquaintances Gift Planning
  •  Holiday meal planning (4 pages for planning, shopping lists and more)
  •  Holiday Spending Plan Balance Sheet
  •  Holiday Travel Planning (covering hotel, flight, car, gas, etc.)
  •  Holiday Planning Calendar for scheduling and scheduled events
  •  Charity and Giving plan (covering money, stuff or time)
  •  Holiday Decorations Plan (covering price and more)
  •  Decoration Inventory sheet for after Christmas organized storage
  •  Christmas Card/eCard Plan
  •  Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Plan (you will want to print one for each store for Black Friday for the full organized efficient experience!)
When you purchase this planner, it comes as a download, where you will then print the pages (and print multiples of the pages you have multiple needs for, like a black friday page for each store you plan to hit, the immediate family member gift plan for the number of family members and more) and then put your binder together as a few different options!
  • Place in a 3-ring binder: This comes with 17 different pages and then you can print the ones that are applicable to you, and you can print multiples of others that you need (as many as you need) to customize the planner to fit your Christmas needs!
  •  A home binding kit: You can go to your local office store or look even online and easily find one of those home binding kits to place your planner in.  This will give it that look & feel that makes you want to carry it everywhere!
  • Add it to your current organization system:  This planner is so versatile that it will quickly adapt to your current organization scheme.  File and keep these in a pocket folder of your current planner.
  •  Place in a folder: Maybe you're more of a minimalist and want to stick it within a file folder and go!
One benefit of using a 3-ring binder or a pocket folder is to utilize the pockets in the front and back to store catalogs, special coupons, ads related to your Christmas shopping. This makes it even that much more organized and you can literally take all of your Christmas plans with you wherever you go!
Print the holiday meal planning and travel planning downloads for your Thanksgiving holiday plans too as you can print what you need! Take advantage and use it for both holidays!
Save Your Sanity
We hope you enjoy these planners as much as we have over the past few years – and hope they really do help you Save Your Sanity!

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